The below terms and conditions apply to Attendees registering or companies sponsoring the registration of professionals and/or students interested in attending the Asia-Pacific Breast Cancer Summit 2024[APBCS] (the “Event”) to be held from the 1st-2nd March, 2024, in Indonesia, organized by INDEX Conferences & Exhibition Organization Est. (the “Organiser”). By submitting your registration, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions stipulated below:


By completing this registration form, you confirm and acknowledge that you are attending the conference in your capacity as a healthcare professional working in the field of or with an interest in the field of the aforementioned event. The conference is for the benefit of the persons listed above only and not for lay persons or persons who do not qualify for the categories listed above. INDEX reserves the right to refuse admission, and the same will be notified accordingly to the Attendees.


  • Prices for each Event plus VAT, where applicable, are correct at the time of publication. INDEX reserves the right to change the prices at any time but changes will not affect registrations which have already been confirmed by INDEX.
  • Any VAT chargeable is to be payable by the Attendees in addition to, and at, the same time as, the registration.

Payment Terms for Pre-Registration & Onsite rates and closing dates for registration.

  1. Pre-registration rates will be offered to Attendees until the 30th April, 2024 and payments via cheque, bank transfer, cash or credit card will be accepted. If payment in full is not received before the Event, INDEX reserves the right at its sole discretion and without liability either to require payment as a condition of entry to the Event or to refuse entry to the Event. No refunds of any proportion of fees already paid (if any) will be made and any balance of the fees will remain due and payable where entry to an Event is refused.
  2. Onsite registration commences on 1st of March and only payments via cash or credit card (online or onsite) will be accepted.


  1. If you are booking on behalf of another person, you confirm that you are authorised by that person to make the booking, and that the person has confirmed their agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions. You acknowledge and agree that both you and the person for whom you are making the booking will be bound by these terms and conditions mentioned herein.
  2. You also acknowledge and agree to provide full and complete contact details of the Attendees in the required format as requested by the Event’s team.
  3. INDEX shall not be liable for the consequences or damages directly or indirectly ensuing from incorrect, misleading, imprecise or incomplete information either contained in the registration form or based on any other details furnished by the Attendee; INDEX reserves the right to refuse to consider inadequately or not fully completed registration forms or registration forms submitted later than the date specified.


  1. Entry will be regulated through receipts issued by INDEX. Registration number will be issued only upon receipt of payment and entry to the conference will be permitted by the registration number. Please carry a print of the payment receipt and registration number.
  2. In the event you have registered but yet to receive the payment receipt, please contact


No refunds can be given. Conference fees once processed cannot be cancelled or refunded, however the following is permitted under the discretion of INDEX:

  1. Registration may be transferred to another person (substitution) subject to agreement with INDEX and supported by clear written communication, in special conditions such as personal ailments or non-issuance of visas, INDEX reserves the right to reject such a request. (Deadline for name change is dated April 15th
  2. In the event that INDEX cancels the Event for any reason (except for force majeure circumstances), you will receive 100% of the conference fee paid.
  3. In the event that INDEX postpone an event for any reason (except for force majeure circumstances) and the delegate is unable or unwilling to attend on the rescheduled date, you will receive 100% of the conference fee paid.
  4. Subject to the foregoing point 2 & 3, in the event of cancellation or postponement of the Event due to force majeure, no refunds will be given.
  1. INDEX reserves the right to cancel any registration after confirmation in which case all fees paid will be refunded. You acknowledge that the refund of registration fees is your sole remedy in the event of cancellation of your registration by INDEX and all other liability is expressly excluded.
  2. Except as specified above, no credits will be issued for other forms of cancellation.
  3. INDEX is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a transfer, substitution, alteration and/or cancellation/postponement of an event. INDEX shall assume no liability whatsoever in the event this conference is cancelled, rescheduled or postponed due to fortuitous event, act of god, unforeseen occurrence or any other event that renders performance of this conference impracticable, illegal or impossible. For the purpose of this Clause, a fortuitous event shall include, but not limited to: war, fire, extreme weather or other emergencies.


Please note that Speakers and topics were confirmed at the time of publishing; HOWEVER, it may be necessary due to unforeseen circumstances to alter the content, timing speakers or venue. INDEX reserves the right at any time to postpone, change the format, alter or modify the advertised Speakers and/or topics if necessary, Attendees/Participants, content, location and timing of the Event or any other aspect of the Event, in each case without liability for any reason whether or not due to causes beyond its reasonable control. In the event that the conference is cancelled, and other aforementioned occurrences, Attendees will be notified promptly prior to the advertised date of the event. INDEX accepts no liability in respect of any loss or damage, whether direct, consequential or otherwise arising from any delay in providing the conference or change of venue. Please visit the relevant site, which is updated regularly.

(Non – Appearance/Cancellation of Speakers)

  • Should Speaker(s) of this event fails to appear, either due to illness, accident or by cancellation, adverse weather conditions or any travel disruption, INDEX accepts no liability for these, and that neither party, nor any representative shall be liable for any payment and/or refunds.
  • INDEX reserves the right without liability to refuse admission to, or to eject from the Event, any person in its absolute discretion, including (without limitation) any person who fails to comply with these terms and conditions or who in the opinion of INDEX represents a security risk, nuisance or annoyance to the running of the Event. You agree to comply with all reasonable instructions issued by INDEX or the venue owners at the Event.


In the event of any Attendee committing an act of bankruptcy or if a limited company being wound up, this terms and conditions shall be determined void and all monies already paid shall be retained by INDEX.


  • Please note that accommodation and travel are not included in the conference fee.
  • Accommodation/ travel arrangement must be made by the Attendees.


  • No Attendee shall engage in or permit filming, sound or video recording, telecasting and broadcasting at the Exhibition venue unless prior written approval is obtained from INDEX.
  • No distribution of publicity materials is allowed during the conference anywhere within the vicinity of the Conference or anywhere else within the Exhibition Venue.


  • All types of unauthorised photography and recording/transmitting of audio or visual material, data or information is expressly prohibited.
  • Photography and recordings photographs will be taken at the conference by an official Event photographer, which may be used by INDEX in post-event publicity and on future marketing materials. In registering to attend the conference, Attendees agree to the official photographer taking such photographs, and to INDEX using the photographs as set out above. If you do not wish to be in any photography, kindly notify a member of INDEX Events Team immediately upon arrival at the conference for further guidance.

NOTE:    Please note that other attendees at the conference (Attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors etc.) may also take photographs; INDEX accepts no responsibility in connection with the use of these photographs.


Full particulars of Attendee must be submitted to INDEX for approval and registration before they may be admitted to the Conference/Exhibition. As the personnel are approved by INDEX (‘authorised personnel’) they will be issued badges for identification and admission purposes. Attendee shall procure that authorised personnel:

  1. Display their badges conspicuously whilst in the Venue; and
  2. Do not pass their badges to other persons.

* Attendee must wear the identification badges issued by the Organiser at all times. Additional attendees/staff will be permitted upon payment of the relevant registration fees.  

NOTE: For verification purposes, INDEX shall reserve the right to request for any identification.

DATA PROTECTION (Please refer to ANNEX 1 for extensive information)

  • INDEX may collect and process personal company data, which may include personally identifiable data such as the contact person’s email, address and contact number (“personal data”) in order to perform its obligations pursuant to this Terms and Conditions as well as to provide Attendees information about future events. INDEX will mainly collect the personal data directly from Attendees when they complete the Application Form or through other approved INDEX third party service providers. Provision of the personal data would be mandatory. Without such information INDEX may not be able to perform its obligations under this Terms and Conditions, such as to contact the Attendee with anything related to the registration/Event (if any).
  • Such data will generally not be transferred or shared with any other entity, though there may be disclosure or sharing of personal data for purposes of compliance with laws, regulations or directives by regulators or authorities. By submitting personal company data to INDEX and signing the application form, Attendee’s expressly consent, on behalf of their officers and employees, to the transfer and processing of that personal company data in the UAE and elsewhere.

*Compliance with all applicable data protection laws is of the utmost importance, this also includes the European General Data Protection Regulation of May 2018 (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) (the GDPR). Where shared Personal Data that constitutes EU Personal Data is transferred by the Organiser in a location outside of the European Economic Area “EEA”, the Organiser shall comply with its obligations pursuant to Chapter 3 of the GDPR (Rights of the data subject) and Part V of the PDPA (Access to and Correction of Personal Data).

  • Consent and rights of the Attendee
  1. By agreeing to this Terms and Conditions, the Attendee consent to the collection and use of his/her personal data as outlined in this Statement, including the use and provision of his/her personal data for direct marketing. Please send requests to access or correct data, to cease communications, and questions or complaints to: E-mail:
  1. Attendees’ information is kept on INDEX group companies’ database and used by INDEX group companies to assist in providing selected products and services which may be of interest to the Attendees and which will be communicated by letter, phone, fax, email or other electronic means. The personal information which you provide to us will be held by us on a database and may be shared with INDEX group of companies for direct marketing purposes. Please note, however, that INDEX may release the Attendee’s personal data if required to do so by law, or by search warrant, subpoena or court order.
  • For company-related data, INDEX utilise such information for the purpose of sending event-related offers, managing business processes with you as an Attendee, information and advertising prior and after the event, communication and Attendee databases updating in the UAE and abroad, and market research.
  1. If you do not wish your personal data to be used together with the company data, you are free to object at any time to the further use and communication of your personal data to third parties by emailing it to us at

NOTE: Each Attendee badge will be marked with a barcode which can be scanned by Exhibitors to capture your personal information such as your name, job title, organisation and email address. Please inform the exhibitor at the time if you do not wish to have your details scanned.


Attendee’s personal data without the data subject’s permission, will not be disclosed or shared with any third parties for purposes other than those stated at the time the data was collected. INDEX will retain the personal data it hold confidential but in certain circumstances, may provide or transfer the personal data to:

  1. Its agents, advisers, service providers, contractors, and auditors, in connection with their operations and/or services for facilitating and enhancing their operations, conducting analysis, research and auditing based on the personal data;
  2. Its overseas offices, affiliates, joint ventures partners, which are also exhibition organisers, for the purpose of conducting direct marketing in relation to the promotion of and invitation to their trade fairs in UAE and around the world;
  • Persons to whom the Organiser is required to make disclosure under applicable laws in or outside the United Arab Emirates.


All intellectual property rights in all materials produced or distributed by INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions in connection with this Event is expressly reserved and any unauthorised duplication, publication or distribution is prohibited.


INDEX shall be under no liability if it shall be unable to carry out any provision of the  Terms and Conditions for any reason beyond their control including Act of God, legislation, war, terrorist activity, fire, flood, drought, failure of power supply, lock-out, strike or any other general cases of “force majeure” whether or not “ejusdem generis” with the foregoing or any cause not within INDEX control or for any loss or damage sustained in the event that the opening or holding of the Exhibition is prevented, postponed or abandoned or if the hall becomes totally or partially unavailable for the holding of the Exhibition due to any of the foregoing causes.


INDEX excludes all liability for loss, injury or damage to persons or property at the Event. All indemnities, warranties, terms and conditions (whether express or implied) are excluded. INDEX accepts no liability for any loss or damage whatsoever that you may suffer in connection with or arising from the Event whether direct, indirect or consequential (including but not limited to loss of profit, loss of business or any other type of economic loss) or otherwise. In the event that INDEX is liable to you for any reason, it’s total liability to you in relation to the Event (whether under these terms or conditions or otherwise) is limited to the amount of the registration fees paid by you to INDEX ONLY. The limitations and exclusions in this condition only apply to the extent permitted by applicable law.


INDEX reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time and you will be subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time your registration is submitted.


  • INDEX reserves the right to interpret, alter and amend these General Terms and Conditions and to issue additional rules and regulations at any time they consider necessary for the orderly operation of the Exhibition, all interpretations of these Conditions and any additional rules and regulations by the Organiser shall be final.
  • Attendee shall abide by the rules and regulations of the Exhibition Venue which are deemed to be integral parts of and incorporated into these General Terms and Conditions. In the event of conflict between the provisions of such rules and regulations and these General Terms and Conditions, these General Terms and Conditions shall prevail.
  • In the event of a breach of any of the conditions herein INDEX may in all cases retain all monies paid by the Attendee and recover further monies from the Attendee as provided herein. All communications should be addressed to:

INDEX Conferences & Exhibitions Organization Est.

P.O. Box 13636

Tel:                 +971 4 520 8888




By completing this Attendee Registration Form, the Attendee acknowledges receipt of and agrees to comply with all the rules and regulations stated herein.


This Registration Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of the New York.


Disclaimer for Leisure Activities notice (when applicable)

You should consider carefully whether you will be able to participate fully in the leisure activities offered as part of the visitor programme. INDEX warns that some activities may be physically demanding or carry inherent dangers. You accept that it is entirely your responsibility to decide whether participation in any activity in the attendee programme is appropriate to your capabilities, aptitude, fitness and health, and it is also your responsibility to observe all safety requirements and instructions that you may be given in relation to such activities. To the extent permitted by law, neither INDEX nor its officers or employees will accept any liability whatsoever for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, whether due to negligence or any other cause, arising from participation in any part of the visitor programme, including but not limited to activities outside the conference or exhibition. In the event of death or personal injury, the liability of INDEX and its officers and employees is limited accordingly.





By providing personal data to INDEX, you agree to have read this privacy policy and agree to abide by any obligations contained therein, as it may be amended from time to time.

  1. Scope of this Data Protection Statement

This Data Protection Statement applies to all services offered by INDEX. This Data Protection Statement does not apply to services offered by other companies or individuals. This Data Protection Statement does not cover the information practices of other companies and organizations who advertise INDEX services or any third party operating any website to which INDEX website or other digital asset may contain a link.

  1. Data Collected and Method of Collection

INDEX collects general and personal data concerning you from:

  • you when you provide your details to INDEX;
  • its Clients (in such cases, Client must ensure that it is entitled to disclose such data and that you are aware of the various matters detailed in this Data Protection Statement);
  • participants at Client’s meetings and events organized by INDEX;
  • users of INDEX’s or Client’s websites; and third parties (such as online service provider or single sign on authority).

Following the reception of the data, an electronic profile is created in INDEX tools for each person or entity (the “Contact Profile”).

The Contact Profile MAY contain but is not limited to:

  • name;
  • gender;
  • date of birth;
  • address;
  • phone numbers;
  • email addresses;
  • nationality
  • physical location data during an event
  • ADA (American Disability Act) information
  • food or allergies preferences
  • emergency contact information
  • organization or company of employment and/or job title;
  • field of activity and/or interest;
  • credit card references/numbers;
  • travel destinations;
  • travel schedules;
  • travel preferences;
  • accommodation preferences;
  • other communicated preferences;
  • passport; and
  • visa details.
  • additional information as requested by Clients on events

INDEX may process sensitive personal data based on a specific and explicit additional consent of data subjects.

By attending an event, individual authorizes, free of charge and without consideration of any kind whatsoever, that any image and sound recording made in connection with the event, by video and/or audio recording, and/or photograph on which it appears, may be used, reproduced, modified and broadcast on any medium known or unknown to date and in particular on social networks or its Sites, by APBCS or by any INDEX company within the meaning of the regulations in force, or their partners, for the duration of exploitation of the video and/or audio recordings, and/or photographs.

  1. Purpose of Data Collection

INDEX uses the data collected to provide, maintain, protect and improve the overall quality of its services. Data collection is also meant to protect INDEX and its users. INDEX does not collect more data than is necessary to fulfil such purposes.

In addition to creating Contact Profiles, INDEX uses your data for the following purposes and for which you give your consent:


The Contact Profiles are stored in a database as a reference document to be consulted each time a booking is to be made. When a booking is made, INDEX creates a booking code that contains all of the personal data along with the booking information that is needed to fulfil your request and to fulfil regulatory requirements for certain destinations. To make bookings, INDEX might need to transfer personal data to various third-party travel suppliers (such as airlines, hotels, car rental companies, online booking tool companies, safety and security tracking providers and computer booking systems) within

your home country or in another country where you may be traveling and often also to government bodies for certain destinations.

Legal basis: Contract;

  1. Travel reports consolidation:

At the request of a Client, INDEX or a third party may prepare information reports that summarize and analyse the expenditures per destination, per travel supplier, etc. Such reports which may include certain personal data from your Contact Profile are then submitted to the requesting Client.

  1. Compliance with Travel Policy:

At the request of a Client, INDEX may report on your compliance with the event compliance policy, budget compliance policy or travel policy of such Client and identify any exceptions to the compliance.

  1. New Products and Services:

With the goal of improving services and based on the data given to INDEX, INDEX may send you additional information related to your current or future event(s) and/or trip(s). An example might be a list of restaurants near a specific hotel in the destination city or parking facilities at the departure airport.

  1. Promotion and Marketing:

INDEX may use your data to personalize your experience on the INDEX website by presenting advertisements that are more relevant to you, to send you marketing communications that we believe may be of interest to you, including information about our services, case studies, thought leadership or whitepapers, blog updates, etc. For example, INDEX uses third party service providers to present services and offers tailored to the preferences and interests demonstrated by your online activity over time. INDEX may use your data for promotion and marketing purposes for INDEX’s current or prospective Clients and/or third parties in INDEX’s industry. INDEX may use your data to personalize your experience on the event website by presenting advertisements that are more relevant to you, and to send you marketing communications as chosen by you in the registration process. INDEX may use the data to analyse trends in order to propose other services to its Clients, such as new events or other services.

  1. Statistical Analysis related to Websites:

INDEX, or third parties instructed by INDEX, evaluate this data purely for statistical purposes and only in an anonymised form, in order to optimize INDEX’s website and increase user-friendliness, efficiency and safety. INDEX may in particular use technical data to measure the success of INDEX marketing campaigns, compile statistics about INDEX website usage and response rates, and use aggregated personal data calculate the percentage of INDEX users who have a particular telephone area code.

Legal basis: Legitimate Interest

INDEX may disclose your Data to third parties where such disclosure is permitted and required by law or court order, or where such disclosure is necessary for the protection and defence of its rights. Other than in these cases, your Data will not be transferred or made available to any third party without your prior consent.

  1. Duration of Storage

General and personal data will be kept by INDEX no longer than necessary for the execution of the purposes aforementioned.  INDEX will retain general and personal data during a maximum period of five years if no specific legal requirement. For applicants, the data will be retained for a maximum period of two years.

You may cancel/delete your INDEX account by sending an email to our Data Protection Officer: [xx]

  1. Location of Storage and Controller of Data Base

The Contact Profiles that INDEX maintains are stored in cloud-based central databases at third-party providers’ location in Europe, United States and Asia. Third-party providers have signed our dedicated data protection clauses. Any transfer of your Data outside the European Economic Area shall only take place with suitable safeguards in place, such as contractual terms in compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

You may have further information on the above by sending an email to our Data Protection Officer: [xx]

  1. Your Duties

You must ensure that the data you provide us with are:

  • correct;
  • accurate;
  • current;
  • truthful; and
  • Compliant with any applicable laws.

In particular, since INDEX will mainly use email communications with you, you are required to notify us of any modification of your email address. Alternatively, you can directly update your Contact Profile. INDEX is committed to protecting the privacy needs of children and we encourage parents and guardians to take an active role in their children’s online activities. INDEX does not target the digital asset to children less than fourteen (14) years of age or knowingly collect information from children for the purpose of selling products or services.

  1. Transfer and Communication of Data

In general

INDEX is a worldwide company with offices in over 31 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East. Your personal data may therefore be transferred to and outside of Switzerland, including in countries whose data protection laws may be different from those in your country of residence.

  1. Transfers within INDEX:

Transfers are made throughout INDEX and its subsidiaries to support its activities and/or services.

  1. Transfer to Third-Parties:

INDEX works with certain third parties to obtain support services in connection with travels, meetings and events services and/or other INDEX services to its Clients, such as emergency online booking services, hotel booking services, ground transportation requirements or airline ticket issuance, badge provider and, in some cases, personal data will be shared with these third parties in order to pursue INDEX’s mission and goals. INDEX may also transfer personal data to third parties at the request of its Clients. For example, to sponsors and exhibitors or to other third parties for data consolidation or tracking services to generate statistics. During events or congresses, sponsors or exhibitors may scan participants or Attendees’ badges with the consent of the latter. Therefore, collection and use of the personal data is governed by each sponsor or exhibitor’s privacy policy. INDEX may transfer your data to third parties for promotion and marketing purposes as outlined under Promotion and Marketing above. INDEX may also transfer your data to a third-party in the event of any reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer or other disposition of all or any portion of INDEX business, assets or stock (including in connection with any bankruptcy or similar proceedings).

As part of its activities, INDEX works with a certain number of recurring partners who process personal data on our behalf for specific purposes:

  • Badge provider;
  • Benchmarking tool;
  • Event management platforms;
  • Hospitality;
  • Mobile event application.

This list is not exhaustive and can be updated from time to time. We invite you to regularly consult this list to keep up to date with any changes.

Regulatory Transfers:

INDEX may be required by law to transfer data to governments and regulatory and/or supervisory authorities.

  1. Security and Organizational Measures

To ensure the safety of your data on INDEX’s website and systems, INDEX has implemented appropriate technical, contractual, administrative, physical and organizational measures to protect your personal data from loss, destruction, unauthorized access, accidental or unlawful disclosure and manipulation. These measures are subject to continuous development in accordance with technological progress and are periodically reviewed to comply with all applicable privacy laws.

Only authorized INDEX staff, third party companies’ (i.e. service providers) staff or our Clients’ authorized staff (who have contractually agreed to keep all information secure) have access to your personal data. All INDEX staff who have access to your personal data are required to adhere to the staff confidentiality regulations and all third-party employees who have access to your personal data have signed non-disclosure agreements. In addition, data transfer agreements are in place with third-party companies that have access to your personal data to make sure these data remain secure.

  1. Your Rights

In accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations, you have a right to request access to, rectification of your Data, or restriction of processing, and to object to the said processing, as well as the right to data portability, unless INDEX has to keep these data for legitimate business or legal purposes. For more information, you should contact the Data Protection Officer at the above-mentioned e-mail address. Moreover, you have a right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

To contact INDEX with questions or issues about INDEX’s data processing, you should contact the Data Protection Officer at the following e-mail address:

By contacting the Data Protection Officer at the above-mentioned e-mail address, you may opt-out from receiving future electronic marketing messages from INDEX and request that we not share your personal data with unaffiliated third parties for their marketing purposes. INDEX will try to comply with your request(s) as soon as reasonably practicable.

Please note that if you opt-out as described above, INDEX will not be able to remove your personal data from the databases of unaffiliated third parties with which INDEX has already shared your personal data (i.e., to which we have already provided your personal data as of the date that we implement your opt-out request).

Please also note that if you do opt-out of receiving marketing-related messages from INDEX, we may still send you important administrative messages, and you cannot opt-out from receiving administrative messages.

  1. Changes

This Statement may be revised and updated by INDEX from time to time to comply with statutory data protection and privacy laws. INDEX will post any statement changes on its website and, if the changes are significant, INDEX will send a notice to the e-mail address provided in your Contact Profile.

  1. Contact

If you need further assistance, please contact our Data Protection Officer via:

E-mail address: