Dear Colleagues.

Asia Pacific Breast Cancer Summit (APBCS) is not just a meeting but a platform for all of us to share our ideas and experience to help each other in assisting the patient, this is a great avenue to understand different methodologies, success stories from across the Asia Pacific region and going beyond. We have always valued your voice at the meeting and it echoes the success of APBCS for the last seven years in different parts of Asia region.

Once again, we are thrilled to invite you to attend with us the 8th Asia Pacific Breast Cancer Summit (APBCS 2019) and we are hosting it on the lovely city of Penang in Malaysia on 22 and 24 Feb 2019. The content and speakers will be top notch to bring about the right discussion we all are longing for and the highlight from our regional colleagues will add the positive conversation. We are also happy to announce that we will also be bringing the Best of San Antonio Breast Cancer Summit to APBCS as a session which will be headed by Dr Nan Soon.

We encourage all our colleagues in the region to submit their abstracts and help garner the knowledge to enhance our daily practice

The fight against the breast cancer is global and it will only succeed with medical fraternities and communicates opens dialogues and discuss the research in platforms like APBCS.

We hope you will join us for a wonderful outcome in APBCS 2019.



Shaheenah Dawood

Medical Oncologist, UAE

Rebecca Dent

Division of Medical Oncology, National Cancer Centre, Singapore



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